Hemerocallis “Egyptian Ibis”


So, the very day after my first “Georgette Belden” flower opens, along comes the first “Egyptian Ibis” – thoughtful of them to take it in turns!

Like Georgette, this is another whopper of a bloom, over 7 inches across at its widest point, and is borne on a thick stem that easily supports its weight: thinking about it though, it’s probably just as well that the flowers open only one at a time with a fair gap between each, or the poor thing would probably collapse!

Also like GeorgetteIbis is painfully slow to increase in my garden. Three years since planting, it has two fans but only one flower stalk, though to be fair, that single flower stalk has 13 buds on it, which seems a commendable effort!

In truth, I’m probably not giving either of these plants the optimum chance to perform as space is very limited and they’re jostling for room with several other perennials and a small spiraea: I may have to make some tough decisions next winter if I want to get the best from them.

In the meantime I’ll continue my regime of regular watering in dry weather and a once weekly feed of Miracle Gro, and enjoy the (limited!) show…


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