Daily ramblings

Another day in the 30something celsius range. I can hardly believe this after the cold, damp misery of 2012: we’re actually getting a summer!

So in the scorching heat of midday, I decided I wanted nothing more than to dig out a patch of old bergenias and a viburnum. Neither were really earning their place, so they had to go.

A sweaty, sunburnt hour later, the job was done. My stainless steel garden fork hadn’t been up to it and was threatening to bend a tine or two with the effort, so I ended up hacking away with a spade, which felt like alarmingly heavy work (when did I get so pathetically weak??). I then decided that the soil needed some serious enrichment before anything new could be planted, so it was off down the garden centre (in the air-conditioned Smart car, no less!) to buy a couple of bags of composted manure – loverly!

I dug in nearly a whole bag, then planted up with some Aster “Little Pink Beauty”, Heuchera “Plum Pudding” and a couple of pinks I had left over. Not sure if any of that will be permanent, but it buys me some thinking time.

Hemerocallis “Lemon Bells” is still knocking me out with its gorgeousness:


I counted over 20 flowers on it this morning – hope it’s going to save some for later!


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