Daily ramblings

Just a quick note or two.

Took cuttings from my original 3 rooted diascia cuttings this morning. They appeared to need pinching out to get them branching, so I whipped off the 2 lead stems on each plant and decided, what the heck, might as well try to root them too!

This is what remained:


If all the cuttings root I have no idea where I’m going to put them: “quarts” and “pint pots” come to mind!

I also potted on my phlox cuttings from late spring into 12cm pots using a mix of JI#2 and sand. Not sure why I added the sand except that I feel this particular compost seems rather slow to drain and my instinct is to open it up a bit. Could be wrong, but eh, they’ll be going out into the ground at the beginning of autumn, so it probably won’t make much odds in the end. They’re being far more pampered now than they will be in the future, so they’d better make the most of it. Heh.

Another alstroemeria came into flower today, Uranus, a lovely clear lilac shade with a little white towards the centre. This was the best photo I could get:


Pretty little thing – I look forward to seeing a few more!

Hemerocallis “Lemon Bells” is still giving its all – another 30 or so flowers on it today – but I think it’s already beginning to wind down. I’m reckoning it’s going to end up in the “Spectacular but Brief” category, and I’ll have to give some serious thought as to whether it’s good enough value for a very small garden such as mine. It would be a really tough decision to ditch it, and I’ll try my best to think of something that can work with it to fill the hole that it leaves, but if I can’t manage it within the display, it’ll have to go. Everything has to work very hard in a small space if you’re not to be left with ugly gaps.

That’s one of the reasons I like my unfashionable begonias and impatiens because you can pretty much rely on them for colour from June to the frosts, and their presence then allows for at least some of the more transient beauties, such as hemerocallis, to come and go without seriously diminishing the display. It’s a question of striking the balance – and that’s the hard part!


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