Daily ramblings

I’ve come to the conclusion that diascias must be the easiest cuttings to strike, certainly at this time of year. I say this because my second batch of cuttings are now side-shooting nicely and it looks like they’ve all taken:


I might have in excess of 20 plants if all of them survive…yikes! Without a greenhouse, overwintering might prove quite the challenge…

My lamium cuttings are coming on well too:


And a side by side comparison with two weeks ago:


They all have obvious new growth, so I decided to move them on into individual pots of a 60:40 mix of JI#2 and sand. The root systems were a bit on the small side, so I hope I haven’t shocked them too much. I watered them in well of course, and put them back into my shaded coldframe to settle, but I’ll have to keep an eye on them and see how they go. I can always cover them again for a while or remove some leaves if it looks like the roots aren’t coping.

I picked my first Castandel french beans today – all 9 of them! I think perhaps I should have grown at least another pot of them because we might be waiting a while for more than a doll-sized helping!

Still, I have to remember that I only grew them as an experiment because the seeds came free with my runner beans: I was never planning to rely on them for all our veg(!) It will be interesting to see how much one small container will yield, and it will be nice to have the occasional meal with home-grown beans…self-sufficiency will have to wait, I’m afraid!


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