Lily “Monet”…I think!

Another of my gorgeously-scented, pollen-free lilies opened fully today, and I believe I may have identified it as Monet:


I struggle badly with photographing white/pale flowers, and as usual, this image is a bit on the bleached side, but it’s close enough – there’s actually a better picture of it that I’m using as the background of the blog, but it’s not from this year so it would feel a bit like “cheating” to post it here where everything is meant to be current.

If it is indeed Monet, it’s rather short for a tree lily at only 4½ foot or so (should be nearer 8 foot!), but to be honest, smaller is better in my garden, so I’m not at all bothered that it’s a bit of an underachiever. The blooms are large, measuring about 7½ inches across, they are beautifully coloured with a subtle wash of pink over white and a dusting of pink dots, and they smell absolutely glorious – that’s all I could ask!

Care-wise, it needs staking or it would be flat on its face by July, and I’ve been diligent with the watering and feeding to try to get the best from it, but otherwise, it seems a pretty fuss-free plant.

It probably belongs in the “Spectacular But Brief” category, and as such should be under threat of removal in my teeny, tiny garden, but it earns its position by virtue of occupying much more vertical space than horizontal: an 18″ pot holds 6 of these stately beauties, and it can of course be moved aside once the display is over, so no ugly gap need be left.

Definitely one I’d recommend.


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