Tree Lily “Picasso”



It’s the last of my three unknown pollen-free lilies to come into bloom, and the one I’m least sure of identification-wise.

Looking through some online catalogues, I’m fairly certain that my white/pink one is Monet, and my pink one is Cezanne, but this white one is still in doubt.

It ought to be Picasso because those are the three that seem to be sold together as the “Crystal” collection, but the pictures of Picasso appear to show a scattering of dots towards the centre of each petal, which mine don’t have? The petals on mine are almost pure white with just a hint of a green stripe down the centre and definitely dot-less!

Oh well, it’s a lovely thing anyway. It’s the tallest of the three at about 5 foot (should be taller, but in my mini-garden, if it stays this height I’ll be quite happy!), has a delicious scent and produces 4 or 5 large, ice white blooms per stem. It’s also been the keenest to propagate itself as I now have three flowering-size bulbs from my original one:  love it when something so beautiful decides to reproduce and I don’t have to do a thing!

I’ve never made a note of the flowering period, which I suspect won’t be long, but as I’ve said before, these lilies earn their place even in the smallest of gardens because they occupy so little ground space and can be easily grown in pots to be moved into and out of the limelight at the appropriate times.

A cameo performance, maybe, but well worth it!


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