Daily ramblings

Things are a-changing in the borders.

The last Hemerocallis “Egyptian Ibis” flower came out today, so with Georgette Belden having finished a couple of days ago, that’s my large-flowered day lilies done for this season.

I still have a couple of buds left on Luxury Lace, and a scattering on Lemon Bells, but they will soon be gone too.

Stella de Oro will keep the hemerocallis flag flying for a while longer, though; it disdains to spend its effort in one glorious, three-week blaze preferring to eke out the display at a much more sedate pace throughout summer. I’ve spotted four or five more flower stalks on their way, so I’ll be enjoying those for a few weeks yet.

I’m also starting to say goodbye to my tree lilies (they are scent-sational while they last!), so it’s a good job that other players will soon be along to fill the stage, including Aster frikartii “Monch”, Aster “Little Pink Beauty” and several of my newly-purchased phloxes and pinks.

I potted on part of my second batch of diascia cuttings today, the unimaginatively named “orange”. I took 7 cuttings and all have rooted, so I’m going to be overrun with diascias before too long! If they grow quickly enough, I suppose there might be a sliver of a chance that they could be planted out in sheltered ground in late summer and left to overwinter, but probably not. I’m somewhat doubtful that even the parent plants will be hardy enough to withstand outdoor UK winter conditions, let alone new young plants with fledgling root systems. I expect I’ll keep some in the coldfame and some indoors – hedging my bets as usual!

My tuberous begonia cuttings, taken a week ago, still look healthy. It’s too early for them to have started rooting, but even knowing that, I still can’t help wanting to give them a gentle tweak in passing, just to be sure, ya know? Patience is not one of my virtues.

I’m continuing to harvest the odd french bean, but the plants are getting seriously devoured by slugs and snails now: if you step outside at night you’re almost deafened by the steady rasping of the little blighters in every corner of the garden. I’ve put some pellets down tonight, but they’ll probably get ignored in favour of my tasty beans. Grrrr…


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