Diascia cuttings – update

Time for another look at these.

Firstly a side-by-side of the original 3 cuttings after being pinched out and now:


It’s taken a while, but they’ve really bushed out. They’re now in a sunny spot at the end of the garden, where they’ll stay as long as they look okay (not wilting).

And this is my second batch of cuttings, first the orange:


…and the pale pink, which I haven’t potted on yet:


All doing very well – not one single failure, so they must take extremely easily!

I can’t say I’ve noticed much preference for rooting/growing on medium either, though possibly the growth has been best with a 50:50 mix of multipurpose compost and John Innes #2.

The second batch of cuttings were still in the coldframe this morning, but I’ve now removed the potted on orange-flowered variety to a spot that gets afternoon sun as they should be well enough settled to cope with it now – if they show signs of wilting, I will of course move them.

My third batch of cuttings, which are cuttings off the first cuttings(!), are still in the covered tray in the coldframe. I think they’re rooting, but it seems slower now, possibly because the nights aren’t as warm as they were during the hot spell in July. I guess that tells me that if I want to propagate them without any aids, the earlier in the season I can do it, the better.


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