Alstroemeria “Cahors”

Not the best photo as I over-exposed it, but anyway:


This is the last of my five new alstroemerias to come into bloom, and it’s another winner in my book. The flower stalks, which appear in succession from mid-summer, eventually  rise to about 18 inches tall and are sturdy enough to be self-supporting, whilst the flowers themselves, which last for weeks, are an appealing shade of rich salmony-orange (they show a lot pinker in my photo than they are in real life).

As long as I can keep them through winter, I think these alstroemerias are probably the best addition to my garden in a long time. In their first season they’ve ticked most of  the boxes for a small-garden-friendly plant: compact, healthy, easy-care, vigorous without being unruly, long-flowering and, of course, beautiful!

The one thing they lack is scent, which is a pity, but considering all their other virtues, I’ll gladly give them a pass.

I’ve grown them as container specimens this year, and they’ve performed extremely well in that situation; I’m good at watering, feeding and generally pampering plants in containers, so they’ve had it easy really. Next year, however, I’ll be moving them out into the borders, so it will be interesting to see how they do there. For one thing, I suspect that I’ll have a much harder time protecting them from slugs and snails, and for another, they’ll also have to contend with my rather unlovely soil and somewhat unfocused border watering and feeding regime, so things will definitely be different!


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