Begonia cuttings, diascia cuttings, update

It’s taking a long, long time, but I’m seeing growth on my tuberous begonia cuttings:


I have, of course, taken the update photo (right) with the pot the wrong way round (!) but the cutting on the right (1st pic)/left (2nd pic) is developing a nice new leaf and is looking pretty good. The other cutting hasn’t shown much movement, but it is alive, so there’s hope!

My complete collection of diascia cuttings looks like this:all-diascia-cuttings-august-26th

Reading right to left (since I appear to be doing everything backwards today!) 1. the first batch of 3 cuttings (rose pink), 2. second batch of cuttings (orange),  3. second batch of cuttings (pale pink), 4. third batch of cuttings taken from the first batch (rose pink).

They all look good except the pale pink (number 3) which seem strangely washed-out in comparison to the others – no idea why, I’m afraid! They’ve all had pretty much the same treatment (feeding, watering, location), so perhaps that’s just how they are?

As it’s almost September, I don’t think any of them will be advanced enough to risk putting them into the ground over winter – I’m not even sure the parent plants will survive outdoors, to be honest – so I guess I’ll have some indoors on my windowsills and some out in the cold frame as an experiment to see if they’re hardy enough to stay alive.

Hopefully lots of plants to enjoy for next year, though!


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