Propagating citrus, update

Time for another look at my Calamondin propagation project, firstly, the seedling:



It’s hardly romping away, but it’s definitely growing – and it has two lead shoots even though I didn’t pinch it out, so perhaps it’s self-branching?

I photographed it in the garden but it still lives on my south-facing kitchen windowsill with a net curtain between it and the window, so it gets good but diffuse light. I’ll probably keep it there until next spring, or whenever it warms up enough to put it outside – at this rate, I don’t think it will outgrow the windowsill any time soon!

My cuttings are still all alive, but they’ve hardly moved with only two out of the seven showing signs of shooting:



The pot on the right sits on the same windowsill as the seedling, so it has good light and warmth (because of the time of year) but it’s hardly doing any more than the pot on the left which sits next to my north-facing patio door.

Am I doing something wrong, I wonder? Or is this just how they are? I really would have expected a bit more growth by now – they’ve been on the go for 4 months, so they certainly take their time! Given that there have been roots poking out the bottom of the pots for a while, I think I may just move them on into individual pots and see what happens next; growing on is always the tricky bit in my book!


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