What’s in bloom?

Quite a few things, as it happens!

In no particular order:

Fuchsias (all varieties)

Fuchsia "Marcus Graham

Fuchsia “Marcus Graham

Tuberous begonias

New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens in hanging basket

New Guinea Impatiens in hanging basket

Diascias (all varieties)

Alstroemerias (all varieties)

Alstroemerias "Sirius" and "Spitfire" with Phlox "White Admiral"

Alstroemerias “Sirius” and “Spitfire” with Phlox “White Admiral”

Lysimachia ephemera

Hemerocallis “Stella de Oro”

Clematis jackmanii (still!), Clematis texensis (can’t remember which variety!)

Clematis texensis, unknown variety

Clematis texensis, unknown variety

Roses – “Gloire de Dijon”, “Mme Alfred Carriere” and “Ballerina” (second flush)

Phlox “Prospero”, “White Admiral” and “Giant Purple Elite”

Nepeta (hanging on in there!)

Knautia macedonica

Hosta (my small-leaved variety, on its second flush)

Aster frikartii “Mönch”

Dicentra formosa “Aurora”

Lamium maculatum “White Nancy”



I’m still waiting for some of my new phlox to show willing and flower (not sure they will at this point), along with Aster “Little Pink Beauty”, which is always one of the latest plants to come into bloom.

Recent departures are my tree lilies (Picasso has finally finished), Lysimachia punctata, and, a couple of weeks ago, Hemerocallis “Lemon Bells” and “Luxury Lace”. My ten week stocks are now done – wasn’t impressed with those and won’t be growing them again – and I think I’ve also seen the last of Geranium “Buxton’s Blue”, although that is a little mysterious because it seems to be withering and dying rather than simply ceasing to flower – not sure what’s going on with that, to be honest.

But all in all, a colourful late summer picture and not too many gaping holes that need filling.


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