Citrus propagation, another update


I’m beginning to wonder if some of my cuttings are destined to do anything more than make a few roots.

So far, I only have 1 out of 7 that is shooting; the others are either trying to make flowers, or doing nothing at all.

The successful cutting:




So I don’t know what to make of it, to be honest.

All the cuttings I took appeared to be the same age and at the same stage of development, and none of them were showing any signs of being about to flower, so how I’ve ended up with a bunch of flowerers and do-nothing-ers I have no idea.

Still, at least I do have one viable cutting, so that’s better than none! I won’t ditch the rest of them for the time being as I’m curious to see whether anything will come of them. I think maybe I”ll pot them all on in the next couple of days because there can’t be much goodness left in the rooting media by now.

The seedling is still slowly growing:


It looks a bit washed out in that photo, but in real life it looks fine and healthy, so I’m very happy with that for the moment.


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