In praise of Alstroemerias…

I can’t resist another picture:


Alstroemeria “Cahors” in all its glory.

We’re two thirds of the way through September and my alstroemerias seemingly have no inclination to slow down yet. All five varieties (Spitfire, Sirius, Sedna, Cahors and Uranus) are flowering like it was mid-July and are still throwing up new flower stems from the base. They have also proven to be tremendously resilient in the rain, refusing either to be flattened or to have their blooms spoilt.

I never tested their worthiness as cut flowers, but given how long the blooms last on the plant, I can only assume that they would pass that test with ease!

They’ve needed nothing in the way of special care, just routine weekly feeding and appropriate watering for containerised plants (I grew them in containers for their first year just to see how they performed) and they’ve rewarded me with a succession of beautiful flowers on largely pest and disease-free plants.

What more could I ask?!


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