Citrus propagation – potting on the cuttings

…a very long-delayed update!

At the end of September I finally decided it was time to see how well my 7 citrus cuttings had rooted and move them to individual pots. I’d previously thought that all of them had significant roots, but that wasn’t in fact the case.


These three had managed only the tiniest amount of root, preferring to concentrate their energies into producing flowers instead. I decided they wouldn’t amount to anything and discarded them.

The remaining 4 looked like this:


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the one with the best roots was also the one that had produced the biggest shoot, and it continues to be the most promising of the 4.

All in all, I’m very happy with my citrus propagation endeavour. I wasn’t really expecting any of them to take given the lack of sophisticated tools/equipment at my disposal, so to have half of them succeed is pretty satisfying – gotta love plants-for-free!


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