Spring has sprung!

A little collection of blooms to brighten the day:


This is daffodil “Jumblie” grouped with Scilla siberica, an unknown primrose and some hyacinths, but I could have chosen from a number of plants. Looking around I also have Clematis armandii, bergenia, crocus, pulmonaria, and  vinca all showing colour with tulips, chaenomeles and brunnera soon to come.

Spring has come so early this year – such a contrast to last year when we more or less missed it altogether and went straight from winter to summer! I can’t remember when I last had daffodils in flower in February, nor when I last saw bumblebees and ladybirds around at this time, but I suppose it was to be expected given the mildness of the winter we’ve just had: barely a flake of snow fell and there were very few nights below freezing through January and February, which is most unusual even here in the Sunny South.

Still, it does mean that gardeners have to get their skates on. This is the time when I like to start moving and/or dividing my dormant herbaceous plants, but they’re already waking from their winter slumber so I’ll need to crack on with it. Matters are a little complicated this year by the fact that we are having one of our fences replaced and another repaired (a few too many storms have hit them, unfortunately) so I can’t necessarily put my plants where I would want them – I’ll need to keep my most vulnerable plants away from places where a careless work boot might stand on them! Putting some in pots and temporarily heeling others into spare bits of ground is probably the answer – I just need to actually get around to doing it…


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