Begonia tubers – rooted!

A few days ago I felt it was time to move my begonia tubers into individual pots, so I dug them up to find this:


This one was the best of them, but they all had promising root growth so I’m hopeful that they will grow on well.

I potted them into plastic pots of Miracle Gro multi-purpose compost, the pots being just wide enough to contain the tuber + roots. I swithered about adding anything into the mix for extra drainage, but in the end decided not to because this compost seems pretty free-draining as it is – time will tell whether that was the right decision!

I’ve placed them by my north-facing patio door so they’re getting reasonable albeit indirect light. Daytime temperature is in the mid-to-high teens centigrade at the moment so I may consider putting them outside during the day in a little while: I find that once they get going my tuberous begonias soon outgrow my tiddly little windowsills and are better off going outdoors as soon as temperature allows. I do have to lug them back in again over night of course – there can be frosts right into May around here – but with no greenhouse or conservatory I have limited options and need to make the effort.

I haven’t potted up the single big tuber yet because that seems to be moving very slowly. Perhaps in another week’s time it will start to take off, we’ll see!


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