Begonias – one week on from potting up

Like so:


Two out of the three are doing very well; the third I had a little accident with (broke off the biggest leaf!) and I don’t think it’s quite forgiven me yet! Ho hum – I’m sure it’ll catch up eventually.

My large tuber still isn’t really doing a lot, but it isn’t rotting so I suppose that’s something. Do larger tubers take longer to get going than smaller ones for some reason? Wish I knew!

I’m still keeping them inside for the moment as I don’t feel it’s warm enough yet to keep them growing well if I were to put them out during daytime. Give it another week or so and I’ll probably start putting them out to join the fuchsias:


My collection of 48 cuttings taken last autumn through to December. They need better light now than I can give them indoors, so I put them out on the patio during the day and bring them in at night. I’ve been pinching them out now and then for the last couple of months to make them branch out into bushier plants and will select the best of them to grow on for summer display.

The varieties I have are:





Dark Eyes

Marcus Graham

Seventh Heaven



I’m also desperately hanging on to two tiny, rather sad cuttings of Deep Purple and Orange King, but I don’t think they’ll come to anything – I’m a sucker for a lost cause, though, what can I say?!


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