First Clematis flower of the year!

Just wish I knew which one it is!:


It’s one of a collection of 3 that I bought from Raymond Evison (via QVC) a couple of years ago, and unfortunately I lost the labels (typical of me, I’m afraid!). I remember that they are all supposedly dwarf in nature and therefore suited to container culture, but beyond that I haven’t a clue!

It hasn’t shown much vigour for the first two years of its life but I’m determined to feed it, water it and generally cosset it this year to see if I can’t persuade a bit more exuberance from it – likewise its two pot-mates, though that may in fact be the problem: too many clematis in too small a space!

I’ll see how they do this year and if they still seem a bit weedy I’ll get a bigger pot for next year…



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