Survivors and earlier-than-usual risers!

Clearing out my coldframe this morning, I was surprised to see that I have some unlikely survivors from last year, namely three citrus seedlings that I grew from supermarket fruit last spring:


Okay, they’re in pretty bad shape – slugs and snails have had a good old munch by the looks of things! – but somehow, they’re still alive having had no more winter protection than could be provided by my coldframe against the house wall. I know we had an incredibly mild winter, but even so, I wouldn’t have thought that very small citrus seedlings would have come through it without heat.

And then there are my remnant fuchsias from last year. Just the other day I spotted:


my “Swingtime” from last year has not only survived almost intact but is already flowering! The only protection that it had was pulling the pot up against the house wall, but I do that every year and have never had this happen before. I didn’t even put any horticultural fleece on it…amazing!

To add to the list of early risers, I have a pink diascia from last year in flower:


and also Alstroemeria “Cahors”:


Both of these could be flowering until November so I think I’d better get feeding them!

Lastly, this is the earliest I’ve ever seen this in flower in my garden:


Tradescantia “Sweet Kate”, sadly rather chomped by pests before I realised it, but stunning nonetheless (especially from far enough away not to see the damage, lol!).


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