Tuberous begonia cuttings – May update

Back at the end of July last year I took a couple of cuttings of a large-flowered tuberous begonia on the off chance that they might root

They duly did – which is just as well, because I think I’ve managed to lose the parent over the winter! – and have been steadily growing ever since.

Here is a side-by-side pic to show the development in the last couple of months:


Both flowering and healthy-looking, but both as leggy as can be.

Perhaps this is why they should be encouraged to go dormant in the winter (I didn’t do that because I felt they were too under-developed to survive), because if they don’t, they end up making one very long stem and nothing else!

Oh well. I’ll keep them going and see what happens. I have two of them, so I can experiment a bit, maybe prune the top off the taller one (when those flowers are spent) and see if it makes some sideshoots?

I refuse to see them as a lost cause quite yet…


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