Last minute veg!

It’s getting a bit late in the season for this, but, inspired by the BBC’s Big Allotment Challenge and by browsing the interweb, I have decided to sow some veg in containers.

Now, this is not completely new to me given that I grow tomatoes in bags every year and tried french beans in a pot last year (I’m having another go this year, but no germination yet!) but I’ve never grown either carrots or spring onions before, so this could be quite a challenge.

Here is my micro-allotment(!):


The pot is 38cm square by 28cm deep filled with multi-purpose compost, and in it I have sown 3 rows of carrots (Chantenay Red Cored 2) with a couple of rows of spring onions (White Lisbon) on the outside edges (planting onions alongside carrots is supposed to confuse the carrot root fly, so here’s hoping!).

I’m also planning an identical pot of perpetual spinach and possibly a couple of smaller pots with cut-and-come-again salad leaves, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve temporarily put some wire mesh over it to stop the local cats from scratching in it, watered it and placed it in what should be a sunny spot if we ever see the sun again this summer!

I have to confess that at the moment I’m envisaging a summer-long battle with slugs, snails, aphids and any other pest you can name, but I might get lucky and have something to eat at the end of it all…


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