Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus

Always the earliest hemerocallis to flower in my garden is H. lilioasphodelus:


I grow it by an east-facing fence and it seems to do fine even though it often gets somewhat overshadowed by a honeysuckle growing behind it.

The flowering period is rather short – about 3 weeks, give or take – and it’s probably not the best use of space in a small garden such as mine, but I keep it because it is very well-behaved (maintains a nice, tidy clump and never outgrows its area), keeps its foliage in mild winters and, best of all, has a lovely fragrance to go with those cheery yellow blooms. I’ve also never known it to suffer pest or disease problems, which is a big plus in my book.

It’s easy to propagate by division in spring or autumn (preferably spring) and has few requirements other than a reasonably fertile soil that doesn’t dry out too easily – a drop of water during a dry spring might be necessary to ensure flowering.

So there it is: nothing spectacular, but early summer in my garden wouldn’t be quite the same without its fleeting golden trumpets, so I won’t be replacing it any time soon…


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