Large begonia tuber and citrus cuttings – June update

My large begonia tuber has finally got going:


I’ve moved it on into a 24cm glazed pot of free-draining multi-purpose compost and it’s looking pretty healthy at the moment. I have a hazy idea that this might be the one that unaccountably died back early last summer then spent the rest of the season recovering and never produced any flowers, but I hope not!

As for my citrus cuttings, it seems I was a little hasty in giving them a so-so appraisal, because they’ve sprung into action this past few weeks. I’ve outlined all the new growth in pink as it’s a bit hard to pick out from the background:

citrus-cuttings-9th-june-1 citrus-cuttings-june-9th-2 citrus-cuttings-june-9th-3


They’re looking much less sickly and the new growth seems strong and vibrant, so I’m really pleased with how they’ve come on, though I don’t know whether to attribute it to the iron treatment, the weekly feeding with citrus food or the arrival of summer – it’s probably a combination of all three. I’m also trying to remember to water them with rain water rather than my rock-hard tap water, so that may be helping too.

I won’t pot them on until they’re obviously pot-bound, and I’m keeping them indoors for now so that I can better monitor them for pest attack.


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