Pinks a-plenty!

Having removed “Widecombe Fair” from my improvised propagator (an old, small fish tank turned upside down!) in the coldframe, I felt it was time to fill it with lots more cuttings:



from left to right we have “Mrs Sinkins”, “Ruby”, “Doris” and “Gran’s Favourite” all done in exactly the same way as my original pot of “Widecombe Fair”. And here they are in situ:


(note to self: clean out coldframe!)

If they all take I’ll have over 35 plants – plus the parents! – to put…somewhere.


I certainly know that 7 have taken because I turned out the “Widecombe Fair” cuttings this afternoon to find they all had roots:


I’ve potted them up into 9cm square pots of multi-purpose compost with a bit of the rooting mix, watered them well and placed them back in the shady coldframe to settle in. I also nipped out the growing point on each one – I forgot to do it when preparing the cuttings – so that they will form bushier plants.



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