Pinks cuttings – July update

Time for a look at my Pinks cuttings.

The first set I took was “Widecombe Fair” back in mid-May and they’ve been growing now for about 10 weeks:


They’re still in their first pots and I shall have to start thinking about what I want to do with them fairly soon as they’ll be needing potting on before I know it!

The next lot are from my mid-June propagation. These are “Ruby”:


Most are looking excellent with just one straggling along behind. I may keep the little ‘un, but it’s usually been my experience that such plants don’t come to much – we’ll see.

The other two lots I haven’t yet potted on:


“Mrs Sinkins” and “Gran’s Favourite” both took quite a bit longer to root than “Ruby” and to this point haven’t looked desperate to be moved on into individual pots, but I ought to do it soon before the roots get too thoroughly entangled with one another.

My cuttings of “Doris” (not pictured) have been the slowest of all to get going and are still in the coldframe, but I think I’ll be moving them out soon.

So there it is. Pinks strike so readily from cuttings that it’s easy to build up a good stock of them quite quickly: from my original 5 plants that I bought last year I will have produced – if all continues to go well – about 30 more, and I could easily have taken double the number of cuttings, so you can see why generations of cottage gardeners have chosen them as an economical way to edge paths and borders.


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