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Propagating lilies from scales

Inspired by this video , I decided to have a go at propagating one of my tree lilies today.

The lily in question is this one, “Monet”:


My other two tree lilies (“Picasso” and “Cezanne”) have seen fit to reproduce of their own accord over the years, but this one never has, so I’m giving it a helping hand.

As per the video, here is what I did:

1. Sourced the bulb, which in this case meant carefully digging it out of its pot:


The plant finished flowering over a month ago and is heading for winter dormancy, so a bit of messing around with it won’t hurt it at this time of the year.

2. Cleaned off the soil from around the bulb and peeled off a handful of the outer scales:


They come off pretty easily, like separating cloves of garlic from a bulb. The lady in the video above says to take about 6 or 7, but I think I took a few more than that – 8 or 9, maybe:


3. Then I put them in a plastic bag of slightly damp compost (not too wet or I imagine they’ll rot), labelled them and placed them somewhere dark and warm (the airing cupboard).



I finished up by replanting the parent lily bulb, and hopefully the job was a good ‘un!

Now it’s just a question of waiting, checking the scales from time to time, and in a couple of months there should be signs of new plants growing at the base of them, which can then be potted up for growing on.

I’ve never tried this before, so I shall be ridiculously excited if it works – watch this space!…


When it’s Spring again…

I don’t know whether this is widespread, but my primroses (the three plants I divided from one) have decided to skip winter this year (wise move!) and pretend that it’s spring again:


It might be a consequence of something I’ve done or a result of the freakishly cold August we had this year, but whatever has caused it I’m not complaining – bonus flowers are always welcome!