Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Late Show

I seem to have been waiting forever for my tree lilies to flower – they usually bloom throughout July and are pretty much finished by August, but with the cold, late summer we’re having this year, the little divas are at least 3 weeks late!

Still, they are definitely worth waiting for. Not only are they exquisite to look at, but the scent is quite gorgeous, and in my small, enclosed garden it builds and wafts to all corners on balmy days.

Cezanne was the first to open its petals about a week and a half ago, and here it is:


And for a sense of scale, here is a single bloom, plus (rusty!) ruler:



Honestly, I can’t praise these things enough. I have four plants in an 18″ pot (2 Cezanne, 2 Picasso) and just those four have produced over thirty blooms between them – it’s like having the best-ever bouquet sitting down at the end of my garden for a month every year.

And they’re ridiculously easy to care for. I re-pot them into fresh multipurpose compost at the end of each growing season (or early spring the next year if I don’t get round to it!), water as needed, feed once a week through summer and into autumn (you need to build up the bulb for the next year) and that’s more or less it. They do need a bit of pest control: I pellet for slugs and snails in spring/early summer and keep a lookout for lily beetle through the growing season, but they are relatively trouble-free otherwise.

Their star turn might be brief, but I know I wouldn’t be without them – even if all I had was a windowbox, I’d find a way to grow them!