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What’s in bloom?

Quite a few things, as it happens!

In no particular order:

Fuchsias (all varieties)

Fuchsia "Marcus Graham

Fuchsia “Marcus Graham

Tuberous begonias

New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens in hanging basket

New Guinea Impatiens in hanging basket

Diascias (all varieties)

Alstroemerias (all varieties)

Alstroemerias "Sirius" and "Spitfire" with Phlox "White Admiral"

Alstroemerias “Sirius” and “Spitfire” with Phlox “White Admiral”

Lysimachia ephemera

Hemerocallis “Stella de Oro”

Clematis jackmanii (still!), Clematis texensis (can’t remember which variety!)

Clematis texensis, unknown variety

Clematis texensis, unknown variety

Roses – “Gloire de Dijon”, “Mme Alfred Carriere” and “Ballerina” (second flush)

Phlox “Prospero”, “White Admiral” and “Giant Purple Elite”

Nepeta (hanging on in there!)

Knautia macedonica

Hosta (my small-leaved variety, on its second flush)

Aster frikartii “Mönch”

Dicentra formosa “Aurora”

Lamium maculatum “White Nancy”



I’m still waiting for some of my new phlox to show willing and flower (not sure they will at this point), along with Aster “Little Pink Beauty”, which is always one of the latest plants to come into bloom.

Recent departures are my tree lilies (Picasso has finally finished), Lysimachia punctata, and, a couple of weeks ago, Hemerocallis “Lemon Bells” and “Luxury Lace”. My ten week stocks are now done – wasn’t impressed with those and won’t be growing them again – and I think I’ve also seen the last of Geranium “Buxton’s Blue”, although that is a little mysterious because it seems to be withering and dying rather than simply ceasing to flower – not sure what’s going on with that, to be honest.

But all in all, a colourful late summer picture and not too many gaping holes that need filling.


Daily ramblings

First post for August!

Thought I should do an update on what’s in bloom now:

Geranium “Buxton’s Blue”

Lysimachia punctata (just! the clump in the shadiest, dampest spot seems to have lasted longest)

Lysimachia ephemerum

Knautia macedonica

Clematis jackmanii (still full of bloom and looking a picture)

Lilies, my 3 Oriental Tree varieties

Hemerocallis (Lemon Bells is on its last legs, as is Egyptian Ibis, Georgette Belden and Luxury Lace. Stella de Oro is still throwing up new flower stalks, though!)

Alstroemeria (Sirius is fully in flower, Uranus and Sedna have a couple of flower stalks, Spitfire just opened today, Cahors is still to come)

Ten week stocks

Sun diascias

Phlox (Prospero still in full flower, Giant Elite Purple just starting. Waiting for all the others…)

Nepeta (such a good doer – and the bees love it!)


New Guinea Impatiens

Tuberous begonias

Rose “Flower Carpet”

Rose “New Dawn”

Lots to enjoy, then, along with lots to ponder,  for instance, the difference in flowering periods when a plant is grown in several locations within the same garden.

My Lysimachia punctata grows in three places, and by far the most successful appears to be in an open but shaded spot where it’s been getting a fair bit of water whilst I’m watering other plants. In sunnier spots where the watering has been more infrequent, the plants looked a tad unhappy and stopped flowering a couple of weeks ago. Lesson learnt!

I continue to be impressed by my alstroemeria. They’ve been slow to flower – I guess that has a lot to do with the lateness of spring/summer – but once those blooms are out, they take so long to fade you almost wish they would! I’m not a huge fan of denuding the garden display  to provide flowers for the house, but I have to say that I’m tempted to pull a couple of stalks to see if the vase life is equally good.

My various cuttings all seem to be coming along fine. Probably time I moved on the second batch of diascias  from their shared pots into individual ones, but apart from that, there’s nothing much to do at the moment.

Indoors, my citrus cuttings are still looking good with one or two beginning to show signs of side-shooting from the leaf axils: getting them to root may well prove to have been the easy bit compared to the aftercare required to grow them on!  I’ll have to decide as I go along when to move them to individual pots, what medium to pot them into and when/if to move them to a lighter situation. Get those things wrong and it might still have been an awful lot of waiting for nothing (hope not!)

One last thing: my Phlox “Giant Purple Elite”, which has just started flowering, has turned out to be neither giant nor purple. Had they called it “Magenta Dwarf” they would have been much more on the money…

Daily ramblings

Hot. Hot. Hot.

The mercury hit 31C today, and that’s plenty warm enough for me! Bit warm for some of my plants too: the nepeta, diascias and hemerocallis are loving it; the fuchsias, not so much!

In spite of having gardened here for the past 13 years, it’s on days like these that I still don’t feel I have a proper grasp of the soil and conditions.

Take phlox, for example. Everywhere I go I read that they like FULL SUN and a moisture-retentive soil, so I plant them where they’ll get the most sun and keep them well-watered, yet still on hot days they end up drooping by mid-afternoon. Why?? It’s not like I live in Southern Spain where the temps would be up in the 40’s – maybe phlox are cooler climate plants than I realise?

I took a stem cutting of one of my new phlox today. I wasn’t intending to, but I noticed that some rascally snail or slug had defoliated the lower part of the stem and in case it came back for the rest of it, I decided to snip it off and shove it in some seed and cuttings compost. It may or may not root, but I think it’s got a better chance of surviving than if I’d left it!

Saw the first flower bud opening on my ten week stocks today – a very pretty purple one, as it happens. I sowed them mid-April, so they are very slightly late, but not bad considering the horrendous spring we had.

Also, Hemerocallis “Lemon Bells” is gathering steam:


5 flowers today, and many more in waiting! I love that association with the nepeta, by the way: yellow + mauve really can’t go wrong.

Other than watering, watering, watering, and more watering, there isn’t a lot to do at the moment, so I try to spend time admiring the flowers. In bloom now we have:

  • Phlox “Prospero”
  • Hemerocallis “Stella de Oro”, “Lemon Bells” and “Egyptian Ibis/Georgette Belden”
  • Clematis jackmanii
  • Clematis from Raymond Evison, not sure what it is!
  • Lysimachia punctata
  • Nepeta “Six Hills Giant”
  • Hostas
  • Rosa “Bantry Bay” and “New Dawn”
  • Knautia macedonica
  • Lamium maculatum
  • Diascia
  • Fuchsias
  • Begonias (tuberous)
  • New Guinea Impatiens (just!)
  • Thalictrum delavayi “Illuminator”
  • Jasmine
  • Ceanothus impressus “Italian Skies”
  • Spiraea
  • Dicentra alba

Some of these are just starting and some are nearing an end, but they are all contributing to a VERY floriferous July.