Diascia from cuttings

It rather looks like the trial diascia cuttings I took a couple of weeks back have rooted:


They are showing nice, new sideshoot growth, so I’m fairly certain there’ll be some rooting going on by now. I’ve removed them from under cover but left them in the shadiest bit of the coldframe, so hopefully they’ll harden up in a few days and I can start growing them on.

This of course means…more cuttings!

I picked over the plants this morning for decent material, but it wasn’t plentiful. Trying to find non-flowering sideshoots was almost impossible, so I took some with tiny flowerbuds on, which I then picked off (I pinch out the tips anyway, so I hope it won’t make too much difference). Each cutting was only 3 or 4 centimetres long, lower leaves removed, trimmed beneath a node and inserted in seed and cuttings compost:


…then placed in my covered tray in the coldframe, where they’re keeping last week’s lamium and phlox cuttings company.

Fingers crossed for the lot of ’em!

UPDATE (August 8th) – https://lakeside67.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/diascia-cuttings-update/


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